A liquid fruit, mint, tobacco, greedy, what flavor e liquid!

A liquid mint taste is also very much in demand. Both by smokers accustomed to consume menthol that newcomers to the world of vapote seeking sensations of freshness in the mouth cigarettes. There are often different levels of menthol power, single mint icy mint.

Fruit flavors offer more referrals. Here, consumers can let go and indulge in a variety of flavors: orange , lemon, raspberry, cherry, pineapple, … the list is long and each will no doubt find their favorite flavor.

Finally, gourmet flavors and drinks to when they can create more original and surprise. Coffee, chocolate, rum, bubble gum … we must dare and test. Taste e liquid bubble gum for example a resounding success.

It can never be repeated too often , the choice of weight nicotine is very important. should not choose any dosage. Again , if you use the electronic cigarette as a method to quit smoking it is essential to carefully choose its dosage.

A smoker who consumes an average of a pack a day of light cigarettes will opt for a dosage of 12mg . If the assay is undervalued , it is tempting to alternate its use with conventional cigarettes. Conversely, if the assay is evaluated on the absorption of nicotine will be too large and will increase the effect of dependence. Furthermore nicotine high dose may result in adverse side effects in the body. At high doses , the substance can be simply dangerous. It is therefore important to be well informed beforehand.


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